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We have a Large Inventory of Unfinished Metal Miniatures for your dollhouse needs. Most are in 1 inch to 1 foot scale unless noted by size or "dolls".

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Minimum order amount is $50.00 before shipping. Extra Shipping fees for international orders will be billed seperately.

Page 1. 
  Planes, Trains, Cars, Trucks, Musical, Sewing, Radio, and More. 

Page 2. 
  Rocking Horses, Ships, Phones, Dollhouse dolls toys, and More.

Page 3. 
  Hinges, Keys, Locks, Handles, Hardware, and lots lots more, and More.

Page 4. 

Page 5 
  Binoculars, Opera Glasses, Cameras, Microscope, Fire Place Accessories, and More.

Page 6. 
  Dolls Dollhouse items, Regular size dollhouse items, and More.

Page 7. 
  Train, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Dolls, Coffee Grinders, Waffle Iron, and More.

Page 8. 
  Coffee Pots, Razor, Cream and Sugar, Tea Pots, Fruit Bowl, Cake Stand, and More.

Page 9. 
  Kitchen Wares, Juicer, Match Safe, Water Pitchers, Waffle Iron, and More.

Page 10. 
  Cookie Cutters, Rolling Pins, Coffee Pots, Trays, and More.

Page 11. 
  Platters, Soap Dish, Trays, Silverware, Dishes, and More.

Page 12. 
  Pie Pans, Trays, Fruit Bowls, Coffee Urn, Plates, and More.++

Page 13. 
  Tools, Victorian Coat Hook, Broom, Flower Pots, Darning Egg, Scissors, Saucer Pots, and More.

Page 14. 
  Historical Figure Book Ends, Faucet Handles, Coat Rack, Toilet Paper Holder, Garden Tools, and More.

Page 15. 
  Tools, Carpenters tools, Plumbers Tools, Painters, Mechanic Tools, and More.

Page 16. 
  Garden Tools, Lamps, Light Switches, and Misc, and More.

Page 17. 
  Sock Stretcher, Character Mugs, Bottles, Bathroom Accessories, and More.

Page 18. 
Tools, Drafting Set, Shoes, Sports, and Lots Lots More.

Page 19. 
Rifles, Pistols, and Sports, and More. Don't miss this one. 

Page 20. 
Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes, Men's Pipes, Hats, and More.

Page 21. 
Loads of Picture Frames 

Page 22. 
Wow!  More Picture Frames 

Page 23. 
Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Vases, Urns, and More...

Page 24. 
Famous People Statues and Statuettes,  Look!

Page 25. 
Statues, Fish, Dogs, Birds, So many to list here!!

Page 26. 
Artist Supplies, More Statues, Unicorns, Eagles, +

Page 27. 
Candlesticks, Candelabras, Clocks, Sconces, Candle Snuffer, and More.

Page 28. 
Office Supplies, Victorian Dresser Items, Character Mugs, and More.

Page 29. 
Menorahs, Candlesticks, More Famous Busts, Candelabras, Plant Hangers, Fish Lavado, Madonna Statue +++

Page 30. 
Lobsters, Crabs, Fences, Clocks, Plate Holder, Beer Steins, House Numbers Beer Steins. +++ 

Page 31. 
Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Victorian Car Toys.

Page 32. 
Baby Dish, Soda Shop Accessories, Bottles, Jugs, Typewriter. +++

Page 33. 
Music Stands, Door Knockers, Hitching Posts, Fire Place Accessories, Bed Warmers. +++

Page 34. 
Pots, Pans, Rub Beaters, Flour Scoops, Utensils, Lunch Box . +++

Page 35. 
Apothecary Jars, Goblets, S&P Shakers, Ice Cream Parlor Items, Canisters. +++

Page 36. 
Kitchen Utensils, Pet Bowls, More Ice Cream Parlor, Milk Can. +++

Page 37. 
Tiny Dollhouses, Tiny Churches. Look!

Page 38. 
Ships, Boats, Autos, Sailboats, Tiny Golf, Birdhouse. +++

Page 39.
More Cars, Castles. +++

Page 40. 
Train set with Track, More Picture Frames, Buddha, Oriental Statues. +++

Page 41. 
South Western Items, Indian items. +++

Page 42. 
Bears, Dalmatians, Rabbits, Ducks, Spiders. +++

Page 43. 
Halloween, Kittens, Cats, Tiger, Angora.  +++

Page 44.
Cats, Kittens, Mice, Food Bowls, Turtles, Butterflies, Frogs. ++++

Page 45. 
Soda Fountain Sets, Ice Cream Store, Trays, Trivets, and Much More. ++++

Page 46. 
Fish, Bread Loafs, Waffles, Rolls, Fried Eggs, Food. ++++

Page 47. 
Food, Apples, Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Turkeys, Pineapples LOOK!! ++++

Page 48. 
Trays, Pans, Pizza Pans, Pizza Cutters, Pies, Cakes, Dishes.  ++++

Page 49. 
Nautical Minis, Ships Wheels, South Western, Skulls, Swords, Masks  ++++

Page 50. 
Tools, Fire mans Hats and tools, Trophies, Deer, Mice. and lots more!

Page 51. 
Computer, Cash Registers, Slot Machines, Indians, Plaques, and a lot more LOOK!!

Page 52. 
More Nautical Miniatures for your dollhouse, Shoes galore!!   +  More 

Page 53. 
Even more Tools, Pipe Rack and Pipes, 
Light Bulbs, Cameras,  ++++

Page 54. 
New!! Medical Tools, Musical Instruments, Pogo Stick, Clocks, Peanut Machine, Microscope. +++ 

Page 55. 
New!! Scissors, Bottles, Sand Pails, Watering Cans, Cactus, Owl Cane. ++

Page 56. 
New!! More Characters, Planes, Rabbits, Dolls, Nut Cracker, Deer ++

Page 57. 
New!! Christmas and Ornaments. 

Page 58. 
New!! Banks, Barn, School, Park Bench and School Desk Legs. ++

Page 59. 
Shoes, Purses, Blue Ribbon, Horse and Ballerina Trophies, Tools, Toys. ++

Page 60. 
Scuba, Shields, Knights, Lots and Lots of Bookends, Zoo Animals. ++

Page 61. 
Bunnys, Dinosours, Charactors, Houses and more! 

Page 63. 
Tiny Christmas Ornaments!

Page 64. 
Christmas, Ballerinas, Fairies, Toys!

Page 65. 
Clowns, Raggedys, Dolls and More!

Page 66. 
Christmas, Rabbits and Toys!

Page 67. 
Pull Toys, Mermaid, Ballerinas, and More!

Page 68. 
Halloween, Skeletons, Knights and More!

Page 69. 
More Christmas, Nativity, Noahs Ark!

Page 70. 
Tiny Things!

Page 71. 
More Tiny Things!

Page 72. 
Statue of Liberty, Steins, People and More!

Page 73. 
Rabbits, Flamingos, Palm, Jewish and More!

Page 74. 
Egyptian, Bears, Carousel Horse and More!

Page 75. 
Halloween And Smaller Scale!;

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